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How does your design stack up? With rapid prototyping and 3D rendering from Ionic Models, find out in a matter of days.

Your plans are outstanding — on paper. But to validate your design concept and isolate potential problems, you need a high quality scale model you can hold, examine and study. And the sooner you have it, the better.

In today’s quickly evolving commercial environment, companies face pressure now more than ever to be better, faster and, above all, cheaper than the competition. To survive — and excel — you need the power of state-of-the-art technologies to increase your value with clients and get you to market faster.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Ionic Models has the experience, expertise and technology necessary to help you compress design cycles and improve product quality through leading-edge 3D rendering and rapid prototyping.

Handmade scale models take weeks to create and are subject to flaws and inaccuracies. Now, with the advent of computer-enhanced 3D printing and high-quality 3D rendering, what used to take weeks to produce can be achieved within a matter of days.

Highly accurate and aesthetically pleasing, engineering, industrial design, product development, medical, industrial and architectural models created through rapid prototyping are the most advanced scale models available today. In addition to pinpoint precision, 3D printing affords the use of new materials for the most realistic representations possible —  at a cost 80% lower than the traditional model making alternatives.

The most diversified rapid prototyping service bureau in Denver, Ionic Models provides a full range of high quality modeling services to meet your needs:

Unparalleled Results, Competitive Rates
Ionic Models provides multiple rapid prototyping technologies, offering both the state-of-the-art Z-310 3D printer from Z Corp and more traditional (low cost) model, and part making technologies. That means you’ll get the process that’s right for your job.

And seamless integration — from the initial concept stage through completion — ensures the highest quality products in the least amount of time, and for the least amount of money. By providing turnkey service in a single location, Ionic Models frees you from both the time-consuming task of project coordination and costly communication errors.

Get in touch with the only rapid prototyping service bureau in Denver, Colorado, today. Find out what being better, faster and cheaper than the competition can do for you.