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Patterns and Aluminum Castings

Functional prototypes test and validate your design.  Ionic Models has the know-how and tools to cast or machine your part. Ionic Models can design detailed molds and print them using the Z310 and Z-Cast.  Precision patterns and matchplates can be made with our 3-axis CNC router and used for greensand casting. Or a single prototype may be machined directly. When your design is ready, Ionic Models' experience and industry contacts will smooth the transition to production.

Presentation Models

3D Printing and Presentation Models

Intricately detailed and true to scale, architectural presentation models from Ionic Models give you the polished and professional results you need. An architectural presentation model from Ionic Models encapsulates your imagination completely — right down to the texture of your materials. Optional accoutrements, including landscaping, lighting, automobiles, pedestrians and kinetic features impart life-like attributes that validate your design’s effectiveness and usability. Cost-effective and efficient, Ionic Models delivers high quality scale models through leading-edge 3D printing.
3d Scanning

3D Scanning

3D scanning creates an accurate digital representation of your artwork, natural specimens, vintage parts, and more.  The DAVID 3-D scanning technology uses a projector and a webcam to project a calibrated sequence of straight lines onto your object and record how they are distorted. The software then calculates the coordinates of each illuminated point in the camera's view. Successive views of the object are combined to form its entire outer surface. No lasers are required. Matte surfaces can often be scanned as-is, especially if they do not have a wide range of hue.